Tired of short broken, bitten and brittle nails ?


Now is the time to treat your hands, to a set of fabulous Hard Gel Enhancements for this very limited special offer of only $99

 Hard gel is more flexible and stronger than acrylic, but it’s not as hard. Hard gel can withstand greater pressure and it is less likely to break or crack than acrylic is. Just like acrylic, gel can crack if it is flexed beyond its stretching point. However, because it has more flexibility, it will generally cause less trauma when cracked than when an acrylic nail cracks. It can withstand greater pressure and it will cause less trauma if a crack does occur.

 Gel nails are very durable, perfect for the client who works with their hands, cleans often or works outside! Since gel is unaffected by acetone, you can leave them natural or paint your gel nails with a regular polish if you so desire for a special occasion!!